Bespoke, eco-friendly products for your brand

We collaborate with brands that share our values - affordable fun that doesn't cost the planet.

Showcase bespoke playset design

Bespoke products

We love to design and make environmentally responsible fun play sets. Recently we’ve been working with some great brands creating really fun toys that generate value for these amazing institutions.

Our offering ranges from the ‘white labelling’ of our existing products to making something special and completely unique.


RNLI collaboration image

Our collaboration with the RNLI won ‘Licensed Toy of the Year’ at the Play Creators Awards 2019.

Science Museum

Science Museum collaboration image

We made a Science Museum branded Playpress science range, plus we jointly developed the Soyuz landing craft that is a unique product to the museum.

Jojo Maman Bébé

Jojo Maman Bébé collaboration image

We jointly developed the Christmas ‘give away’ gift, making a huge number of products in a short time frame.

Square Mile Coffee

Square Mile Coffee collaboration image

In rapid time we made 20,000 delightful logo coasters for use in the world’s largest coffee tasting event.

Our services include:

Bespoke design
We can design almost anything. We work closely with clients to get the product just right.
Product prototypes
We provide prototypes of the play sets so you can get a hands-on experience.
Your brand
We can brand the packaging and product however you like.
Quick manufacture
We make all our products in the UK. This lets us provide quick turn around and a high-quality product that is CE certified.


Every project will have a budget!

The design, set up, and machinery set up involved generally means that most projects need to have a volume of between 1000 and 5000 units - the larger the number the lower the ‘per unit’ cost is.

Depending on the project required, the initial budget expectation would be between £6000 and £12,000, but this would deliver a delightful and unique addition to your brand.

Get in touch

We'd love to collaborate with you. Feel free to email us at or call our studio on 0800 543 657 121.